I have been a resident at Pleasant Hills Apartments for ten years.  We have always lived in an apartment from the time we were married and this is the nicest apartment that we moved into. My husband and I feel that this apartment is well maintained and we have always had quick service when we needed anything done. The employees of this apartment community are all very nice and courteous.
My husband passed away five years ago, and being by myself, I always feel safe and I really like living here because it is still being well maintained.

Antoinette M. | Resident

We were asked why we like living at Pleasant Hills Apartments. We have lived here for twenty-two years and it’s our home. We like the people here: the management, the staff, the location. We are very happy here.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. | Residents

I have written to you in the past about the wonderful care we receive from your staff at the Pleasant Hills Apartments and I feel compelled to write again. After two years in residence at the apartments, I can honestly say that the courtesy, friendliness, and efficiency of your staff has only continued to be a daily joy for myself and my wife.


The office personnel never fails to apprise us of any upcoming event that will effect us as tenants so we may be prepared for any inconvenience. The maintenance staff is always keeping repairs up-to-date in a fast and courteous manner. And I must also put in a word of praise for the house-keeping personnel in their constant effort to keep our surroundings clean and beautiful.


And last, but not least, we would like to extend our thanks to you and the people at the home office for the recent updating of the lobby. It is fantastic! The furniture is beautiful and the arrangement is outstanding. The other improvements -the refinishing of the apartment doors , the new knockers and locks, the fitness room, etc. , etc. , etc. , -are greatly appreciated.


All in all, you and the Pleasant Hills Apartments staff have made us feel like we really are at home.

Anonymous | Resident